Mother and daughters swimming under water in pool

About Us

We Care!

Completely Pools is a swimming pool and spa supplier on a journey to be your trusted source for pool and spa parts. Our goal is to empower pool owners with their home pool projects, as well as increase a selection of sustainable pool solutions for customers who are more environmentally conscious. Environmental degradation has become one of the by-products of our everyday lives. We aim to reduce this impact as much as we can through our business practices and the products we offer.

How We Do It

Completely Pools is using a customer-centric approach by supporting pool owners not only through product offering and pricing but also through educational resources in our Pool School. Not only do we specialize in swimming pool replacement parts we also understand the needs of the pool owners, their preferences for the simple and affordable swimming pool components.

Our Service is Characterized by


Like with any industry, the pool industry is constantly evolving. By thinking ahead of potential developments we are able to improve our business strategies and adapt to changes quickly.


Our business is built on honesty and fairness towards all our customers, and employees. We believe as we demonstrate high levels of integrity it will reflect positively throughout our organization.


We are committed to providing our pool community with the service they deserve at prices they can afford to fulfill their backyard dream. This also consists of finding and offering greener pool solutions to increase our sustainable measures.

What Do We Offer?

Completely Pools offers one of the widest selection of online pool and spa parts in the New England area. We have an entire section dedicated to Green Products for customers who wish to reduce their carbon footprint. Our product selection consists of parts made by the biggest brands in the pool industry.